Now that Dell and EMC have fully come together, it’s time to focus on how the combined company can best work with channel partners, helping them to be as effective as possible, now and in the future.

Channel partners working with Dell EMC will have access to the most comprehensive technology infrastructure portfolio in the industry, putting them in a great position to help customers manage the complexity of digital transformation, including the transition to software-defined and converged infrastructure optimised for the requirements of today’s digitally-driven enterprises.

It’s therefore important to ensure that we bring the strengths of the Dell and EMC channel programmes together to provide a consistent and effective experience for our partners.

To this end, Dell EMC will launch a single channel programmes at the beginning of February, bringing together the best elements of the Dell PartnerDirect Program and EMC Business Partner Program to deliver a simple, predictable and profitable model for our partners.

Addressing Platform 3.0

An important focus will be helping organisations transition to Platform 3.0 – encompassing big data, new applications and workloads built for the cloud, social and mobile technology and the Internet of Things – which promises to transform the way businesses operate.

Modernising the traditional IT environments of Platform 2.0 to deliver greater efficiency, higher speeds and reduced costs continues to be a big opportunity. But the model of maintaining big packaged applications will become less relevant over time. Indeed, Platform 3.0 is already growing more rapidly than its forerunner.

Dell EMC aims to bridge the gap between the two platforms by providing technology that supports the transformation companies. Their IT departments will also need to undergo change in order to capture digital revenue streams, develop smarter products and deliver the vastly improved experiences that customers expect.

One of the major challenges will be running and modernising traditional applications while preparing for those delivered by the web in the future. . The modern datacentre will be important in enabling the two types of applications to run alongside each other.

Companies of any size and in any sector will need partners to help them through this significant change and guide them to fully embrace a digital business model. And channel partners will be uniquely placed to help manage the complexity this will entail.

Strength in depth

Senior business decision makers have little time to learn about entire suites of products, so a recommendation on the technology that will best enable them to achieve their business outcomes will be extremely valuable.

By providing best of breed storage, servers, computing, converged infrastructure and management software spanning it all, Dell EMC gives channel partners the ability to deliver the integrated solutions that customers will increasingly need.

As the move to Platform 3.0 gains pace, channel partners will need to place their bets with technology providers that will deliver success now and in the future. This means a provider that is aligned with customers with a long term vision and strategy for future success.

The breadth of technology supporting both Platform 2.0 and Platform 3.0 that Dell EMC provides, combined with the strength of its unified channel program, means it is the logical choice for channel partners that want to thrive long into the future.